Within the Central Pavilion

Padiglione Centrale Orticolario 2016


The circle. Symbol of perfection, of unity, of cosmos.

Glass shatters and becomes a new material, a place where nature grows and conquers its space.
A fantastic and modern landscape grows from geometries, lights and visions, in a place where the relationship between resources and life never ends, in order to see the essence of everything all around us: “Kosmos”, the installation designed by Vittorio Peretto.

Islands of perennial plants rise from a green carpet, whose canopy and foliage play with the glittering glass.
At the same time old and modern, ferns compete for a space with anemones among roots of big birches, ancient sacred trees watching from above.
The exhibition space is spotted with “flying” mirrors, reflecting surroundings and catching the eye: a deep symbolism leading to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and to a metamorphosis.

Realised by

Project by
Vittorio Peretto | HortensiaGardenDesigners

Coordination by
Carla Testori | Studio Verde Paesaggio
Vertemate con Minoprio (Como)

Perennial plants of
BotanicalDryGarden by Mates piante
Orbetello  (Grosseto)

Ferns by
GARDENStudio ‘il giardiniere goloso’
Mezzolara  (Bologna)

Anemones by
Vivai Priola

“Green carpet” by
Società Agricola Il Tappeto Erboso
Orsenigo (Como)

“Flying mirrors” and steel elements realised by
Francesco Mazzola | iFlame
Capriate San Gervasio ( Bergamo)

Lighting devices by
Rodengo Saiano (Brescia)

Lighting project by
Ministudio | Architect Michela Viola . Lighting Designer
Travacò Siccomario  (Pavia)
FB: Michela Viola

Isodynamic Loudspeakers by
Fonica International
Italian distributor 
Zanetti Hi-Fi

Minced glass realised by
Tecno Recuperi
Gerenzano (Varese)

With the collaboration of
Fondazione Minoprio
Vertemate con Minoprio (Como)

Istituto Professionale dei Servizi per l’Agricoltura “San Vincenzo”
Albese con Cassano (Como)