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With Sarcococca confusa you will give the scent of Christmas

Sarcococca confusa

Ph. Anna Rapisarda

Let us treat ourselves with Sarcococca confusa and get confused in its perfume.

From a distant Chinese forest the wind of a tale is blowing, warming and softening the winter, and coming to us with a fragrant story.
The ‘confusion’ referred to in the name of the protagonist lies in the mystery of its origins: after the discovery of the first and only specimen of this evergreen shrub, no other trace of it has ever been found.

Now it shows itself to the world in all its fragrant splendour, as the berries for reproduction were collected and brought to the mythical Kew Gardens.

Small, abundant and generous, its ivory-coloured flowers announce their presence, enveloping the entire winter garden with a sweet and heavenly fragrance of vanilla.
Very elegant is the combination with dark and shiny leaves, then embellished with fleshy berries, first red, then black.

All about it

Distinguishing marks: beautiful and very fragrant
Other names: Christmas boxwood, Sweet Box, Christmas Box
Size and characteristics: plant height + pot 70/80 cm, pot Ø 22 cm
Plants availability: limited
Producer nursery: Compagnia del Lago Maggiore
Flowering: from November to January
Cultivation: incredibly easy
Maintenance: very little
Soil: it fits well with any type
Exposure: it loves shade and partial shade
Diseases and parasites: it is rarely affected
Pruning: in spring, after flowering, so as to ensure an increasingly attractive shape
Pairings: in the winter garden it goes well with hellebores and cyclamens
Temperature: it does not fear the cold
Irrigation: it is not too demanding

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Cost: Euro 30,00* including an “Orticolario 2014 Collection” bag and a surprise. 
For information and reservations please write to

From December 8th

NOTICE: from 21.12.2022 it is possible to book collection only at Mantero Outlet.
collection at Mantero Outlet
Via Riccardo Mantero 4, 22070 Grandate (Co) (Italy)
Tuesday > Sunday, 10 am > 6 pm
cash or credit card

Both collection and home delivery are available only in Italy. Home delivery is available with the additional cost of Euro 12.00 (for one plant) | Euro 15.00 (for two plants with the same delivery address).
NOTICE: from 21.12.2022 it is no longer possible to book home delivery.
The sale of Sarcococca confusa at Mantero Outlet will continue even after Christmas (until sold out)

Payment: online

♥ The proceeds from the sale are donated to the “Amici di Orticolario” Fund to support the projects of the associations operating in the Como area and for the cultural projects of Orticolario.