…who wears a Fuchsia becomes part of the plant

Fuchsia ‘Eruption’

In the year of Fuchsia

I like women with showily long earrings, their posing style.
Their necks carry the load of the sky. They wait to be looked at, without disappointing the viewer.
If earrings are fuchsias, the woman and the plant brag, show-off. They feel realised.
When by misfortune men wear them…what a screw-up! They look like dress-up enthusiastic turkeys, stiff as touchy coloured parrots.

According to the legend who wears a Fuchsia becomes part of the plant.

One may feel like a root, dark and introverted, robust and determined.
Others may feel like newly bloomed green leaves.
Many are narcissist concentrated on the appearance, as coloured flowers.

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