“Tutte le stelle sono fiorite” by Vaprio Zanoni

"Tutte le stelle sono fiorite" by Vaprio Zanoni

DehOr G,  Lario Wing

“Tutte le stelle sono fiorite”

“All the stars are blooming”

The fairy tale “The Little Prince” inspired a suspended garden by Green Design.

A constellation of kokedama created by the green designer Ilaria Modica, in which the ancient Japanese cultivation technique is reinterpreted through the use of stabilized moss and foliage, not requiring any maintenance.

Under the “green planets” the new line of “FERN” fibreglass planters can be customized with any colour, texture and print.
At the centre of the space, the asteroid B-612 in an installation by the artist Sonja Quarone.

Project by
Vaprio Zanoni | Green Design

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