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Travelling into a landscape and three unforeseeable lakes

I tre laghi. Kelimutu. Flores

We are men and women of the lake, of Lario. We love to admire the water surface, but we like expanding our horizons, searching for other lakes’ landscapes around the world.

We are going to an Indonesian volcano, Kelimutu, on Flores, an island with three small and unforeseeable crater lakes. Discovered in 1914 by a group of Dutch geologists, lakes are side by side and really different: the water colour of each lake changes independently from the others.
This particular behaviour had inspired local legends by which climbing the volcano, dead souls dive in these waters, depending on their personalities and ages.

As all crater lakes, they are a place where spontaneously volcanic gases and hydrothermal waters are collected. This hydrothermal regime gives to waters their characteristic colours, diluted by rain.
Inside TAM, ‘lake of elders’,  hydrothermal ion concentration decreases constantly (particularly sulphur, aluminium, iron and cooper).  Hence, the dark blu of water turns into black.
Inside  TiN, ‘lake of young men and maidens’, ion concentration keeps on wavering, painting it green. In the same time, right there, inside TAP, ‘enchanted lake’, ion concentration increases, making an unexpected change in water colour again and again: from white to red, from turquoise to brown.

It’s an unbelievable show, but it is true.