Travelling into a landscape in Nesso. When the class is water
Ph. Anna Rapisarda

Lake life, fresh and deep water, which dominates, transforms, pleases. And even those, who are not from around here, really like it.

Landscape with attractive contrasts

Here the rough stone of the villages meets and collides with the refined elegance of historic villas and gardens, while from the water, and only from the water, you can see the wild nature of the woods becoming the ideal background of what man has built over the centuries.
With the curves of its coasts, Lake Como continues to seduce men and women, without any spatial and temporal limits. Poets, musicians, writers, directors, set their works there, and continue to do so: from Stendhal to Manzoni, from Ridley Scott to George Lucas.

Lake passion

And here, from the depths of our gardenloving and movie maniac nature, a tale of landscape and the seventh art with the first direction of Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock: “The pleasure garden”.
A silent movie from 1925 with which the master of the thrill began to walk the path of suspense and intrigue, and for which he experienced daring adventures during outdoor shooting, in Liguria and here, on Lake Como, between Cernobbio, Lenno, Ossuccio e… “Nesso, a land where a river falls with a great rush, through a huge crack in the mountain”, as defined by Leonardo Da Vinci in his Codex Atlanticus.

“Nesso” mode

Here we stop and pause, in this land shaped by water, dominated by the ruins of a medieval castle, divided by a dizzying ravine and joined by an iconic bridge.
Crossed by the ancient Strada Regia that connected Brunate and Bellagio, today a panoramic pedestrian and cycle path 33 km long, Nesso clings to the mountain with its houses, arcades and passages, steps and stone alleys.

A place of great charm and beauty, which takes time: almost invisible to the hasty traveller, it satisfies the lover of a short and slow pace, and is a precious discovery for the hunter of historical, artistic and naturalistic treasures.

Coatesa, Borgo, Castello, Riva, Tronno, Vico, … the many hamlets that make up Nesso, guardian and theatre of events and ancient legends, are an adventure for seeking eyes and exploring legs.
Step by step through centuries of history in a continuous alternation and succession of scenarios: from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, from an erratic boulder to the work of the Magistri Cumacini, up to the wild nature between the scent of aromatic herbs and the darkness of the forest, between springs, waterfalls and streams.


In homage to this land and in honour of the great Hitchcock, here is the film “The pleasure garden”, to watch while surrounded by the atmosphere of the dungeons of Villa Erba.
And after the landscape of the Lario, the insatiable cinemaniacs can fill their eyes with the short films of the Cinesalotto.

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