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Travelling into a landscape and Vittorio Peretto. “Forest garden”

Travelling into a landscape and Vittorio Peretto. “Forest garden”

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Among woods and gardens

How many times did we take you to the woods and to visit gardens in the stories of “Sensitive nature” and “Travelling into a landscape”.
Now we are going to tell you how we met these places. And we will do it with Vittorio Peretto, landscape architect in Italy, in the world and at Orticolario, lover of “contemporaneity” in projects.

We are here, now!

We are here, now! So let’s think about the role we can play in the landscape, in living it and in planning it, whatever its size.
Two reflections arise today more than ever: the rapid climate change and the review of our lives that the Covid emergency forced us to do.
During the lockdown we stopped and the environment around us improved, the animals came back, the air and water cleaned up.
All ties together and we cannot be healthy in a sick environment: maybe now we are more aware of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the “forest garden”

Thus was born the idea, in garden projects, of following the path that nature has shown us, that of plants born alone.
They fit perfectly with the environment available, they ask for nothing, they are healthy and robust. Which better setting?
We must then integrate with plants having the same characters, and weave the natural and spontaneous world with different needs, expectations and requirements.

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