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Travelling into a landscape and Vittorio Peretto.”Forest garden” and the autumn

Travelling into a landscape and Vittorio Peretto."Forest garden" and the autumn

Episode 4

With Vittorio Peretto | Hortensia
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Nature starts from the “small ones” and in autumn

In “forest gardening” the observation of the principles of nature is essential to make the right choices.
We know that, on average, blooms occur in spring and that the ripening of fruits and seeds takes place in late summer/early autumn.
It is no coincidence. The seed touches the ground just before what will presumably be the rainiest season. The first root will be able to get out of the seed integuments and during the winter, with temperatures above zero, it will be able to start growing. In spring, this underground dynamic will allow the birth of the first leaves and the start of plant growth.

In other words, the plant finances the effort above ground, after providentially and prudently endowing itself with roots capable of absorbing water and nutrients.
The spontaneous ecosystem of the “forest garden” follows an important concept: nature starts from the “small ones” and in autumn, the ideal season for integrating with small plants.
This is the only way to count on an efficient and effective radical development that will allow plants to find by themselves the humidity they need.

To be continued…

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