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Travelling into a landascape in the garden of the future | Episode 4

Episode 4

by Vittorio Peretto
Agrotechnician, Landscape Designer, Orticolario Creative Group
Hortensia . Milan


A landscape can give many stimuli, in a series of compositional elements which, rather than obeying a sum, seem to respond to a multiplication. If there is no underlying harmony, the result will be confused and unstable, in a general framework of intrinsic fragility. The broader our point of view, the more the extension becomes a fascinating factor and the more the complexity becomes evident. From the top of a mountain you can see the geology in its forms, the climate that gave life, the water that shaped the valleys, the wind that blows, you can see the human activities and the worked skies. Eugenio Turri compares the Landscape to a huge hourglass where the forces of the Earth push the mountains upwards and the forces of erosion drag them downwards. To all this that we see with our eyes, our inner dimension is added, in a continuous encounter between space, time and sensitivity.

To be continued…

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The garden of the future. Drawing y Vittorio Peretto