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Travelling into a landscape in the garden of the future | Episode 3

Episode 3

by Vittorio Peretto
Agrotechnician, Landscape Designer, Orticolario Creative Group
Hortensia . Milan

3 Readability-Consistency

Our garden is the world. Every time I try to distinguish the concepts of landscape and garden, I go back to Gilles Clement, who with great simplicity arrived at this basic and unsettling concept that places us in the responsible position of “planetary gardeners”. I also admire the fact that in his philosophy not even the poetic dimension escaped him, when he defines the garden as “the one and only meeting ground between man and nature where dreams are authorized”.
In this “planetary book” everything remains written and everything is to be read. Considerations on coherence arise precisely from legibility, that is the possible human perception of a meaning in the whole. The graphic texture, the colours, the volumes, all that is naturalia and all that is artificialia, what is the fruit of history, art and culture, what is material and what is immaterial, are all elements that with their recurrence or exceptionality give completeness to what surrounds us. On the contrary, what is disruptive and goes beyond harmony, causes a sense of disorientation. The search for a rhythm in the things that surround us is part of human nature.

To be continued…

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