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Travelling into a landscape in the garden of the future | Episode 2

Episode 2

by Vittorio Peretto
Agrotechnician, Landscape Designer, Orticolario Creative Group
Hortensia . Milan


The garden is that piece of landscape chosen as a place of origins by myths, traditions, legends and religions.
A sense of atavistic and sacred respect on these base has a solid foundation. An Eden, where perfumed flowers and fragrant fruits are collected effortlessly, corresponds to an ideal dream of intimate satisfaction in which beauty defines the ambitions of space. Paradise, rich in clear and fresh waters, perfumes, refreshing shadows, is the heritage of the ancient Babylonian garden then passed to the Islamic one and is handed down over time through different geographies, different cultures and changing historical scenarios, reaching us with its reassuring message.
A meeting ground between people, climates and places, the landscape and the garden within it become a constant inheritance for each generation, challenging the most different levels of human awareness.

To be continued…

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Travelling into a landascape in the Garden of the future | Episode 2