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Travelling into a landascape in the garden of the future | Episode 1

Episode 1

by Vittorio Peretto
Agrotechnician, Landscape Designer, Orticolario Creative Group
Hortensia . Milan

Free reflections on the freedom of the garden

Cropping parts of impressions on the Landscape and isolating them is not an easy thing. It goes against the unity that binds everything together. Nonetheless, one can try to travel between some fleeting boundaries to get a discourse. The exercise of extreme synthesis given by the criterion of the keywords, all of them really linked to each other, is therefore useful: originality, heritage, legibility, coherence, complexity, extension, mystery, fascination, remoteness, geohistory, contamination, contemporaneity, communication.

Not to separate who I am from where I am.

Tolstoj said that one of the first conditions of happiness is given by the bond between man and nature which must not be broken. Right here I want to dig, so as not to separate who I am from where I am.

To be continued…

Travelling into a landascape in the Garden of the future