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Travelling into a lake landscape on the ocean

Isole Faroe

Every lake in the world tells powerful suggestions, different in every season, sometimes relaxing, sometimes dark or mysterious, but always fascinating.

But there is a place where time is unpredictable and in one day you can experience all seasons: a group of volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, among Scotland, Iceland and Norway.
Steep cliffs, mountains, valleys, grassy moors, coasts populated by thousands of sea birds and picturesque houses with roofs that look like gardens, scattered in fairytale landscapes.

We are in the archipelago of the Faroes, remote and solitary lands. A destination that takes you out of time and preserves extraordinary scenarios, like the Vagar island, where the Sorvágsvatn (or Leitisvatn) lake plunges into the ocean from a cliff top.

For a bizarre optical illusion, the scene appears to be surreal. Given its position close to a cliff over the Atlantic, the stretch of water looks like an immense infinity pool dominating the landscape from its plateau and tilting towards the ocean to the point of falling, in a waterfall, from a cliff over a hundred meters high.
In reality, its vertical distance from the Atlantic is only thirty meters.

An extraordinary effect created by an incredible combination of changes in slope and by the shape of the lake, that is … from the ineffable inspiration of nature.

Fær Øer, Islands, Denmark
Distance from Lake Como (Villa Erba)> Lake Sorvágsvatn: 2,082.6 km
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