Viaggio con paesaggio di lago, tra venti e premonizioni
Ph. Anna Rapisarda

For natives and travellers

Each place holds secrets that are visible only to those who read its landscape.
Whatever the interpretation, putting oneself in slow and careful mode is the ideal condition to start discovering the details that will allow you to perceive a place.
To not just be spectators, but to feel part of it.

On the lake, the details are on the surface of the water, in the winds of good weather, in the mist, smelling perfumes, …

A summer day on the Lake Como. From sunrise to sunset, to night

From the early hours of the morning
In many places the sun is still hidden by the mountains surrounding the lake, allowing the humidity of the night to remain in the air. And so, whether you are a native or a traveller, you should get used to being shrouded in mist and a slightly milky sky.
If you are in the upper part of the lake and want to look at yourself in the water, that is the right time: you can do it easily on the surface of the water thanks to the total absence of wind.
If on the other hand you start moving south, this will not be possible: the water becomes more and more rippled by the touch of the Tivano, a weak wind blowing from the north east and which becomes more and more intense up to Lecco, where it expresses its best before disappearing within a few hours.

From late morning to evening
Over time, the sun rises, the atmosphere warms up, dries up and calms down, but not for long: another wind blows its way from the south, from the river Adda. It is the Breva coming from Brivio, usually before noon: it often takes surfers by surprise and then blows until just before sunset.

Lake premonitions
In the upper part of the lake you can use the Bellagio promontory as a crystal ball to predict the arrival and even the intensity of the Breva. The more the haze covers that spot, the stronger the wind will be.
It will whistle and bring coolness during the day and from Dervio and Domaso up the lake, it will give its best.
In the lower part of the lake, especially along the Como branch, it is just an illusion: it will let you wait, giving itself only in Argegno and Brienno.

The winds of the dark
From sunset until the early hours of the night, the montive blow silently from the valleys: the fishermen feel their scent of the earth while spreading the nets and the sailors must be wary of them because of their changeableness.

Who knows what winds blew here millions of years ago, before the history of man began, when the two branches of the lake were still great valleys along which raging rivers flowed.
Who knows what landscapes have followed one another until getting to what we see now.
Who knows who was the first to listen to the language of this place.
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