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Traveling into a landscape and the garden of cosmic speculation

Garden of cosmic speculation

From its name, one can assume that it comes straight out of Alice in Wonderland and a bit of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Instead, it really exists and is located in Dumfries, Scotland.

Curly waves, spirals and structures that look like dissolved chessboards: the fundamentals of physics and mathematics transformed into a garden.
You can find the black holes, the DNA helix, the Fibonacci sequence and the 25 evolutionary stages of the Earth.

“Garden of cosmic speculation” is the materialization of the thought and the bond between Charles Jencks, the architecture theorist, and his wife Maggie Keswick, an expert on Chinese gardens.
It is a private garden located in their residence, Portrack House.

30 acres characterised by this “microcosm of the universe”, as Jencks himself defines it, where we move from the Japanese tradition of Zen gardens to the Persian gardens of Paradise, from the English to the French Renaissance ones proposed in a decidedly unusual and extravagant key.

Be careful! Before leaving to discover the mysteries of the cosmos and mathematics, check the departure date: it is open to the public only one day a year.