“Tillandsia WALL / Moon Gate”

Tillandsia Wall Moon Gate

In Cernobbio Wing

A “night garden” frames a moon shape garden.

The vertical garden “Tillandsia WALL / Moon Gate” by Michieli Floricoltura is nocturnal and magic : a sky sprinkles with Tillandsia which shed light thanks to their silvery foliage and their bright flourishing.

Designed from a unique gesture, inspired by the tradition of Oriental Garden, a Moon Gate is a passage to the  magnetic and unknown lunare landscape, to observe and discover hidden details with new point of view.
Among geometries and volumes, the natural texture of the Tillandsia project recalls the Moon surface, lively debate between Dante and Beatrice during their  rise to the sky.

Project by
Michieli Floricoltura
Vescovana (Pd)