The seats in the Park by Luca Degara & Vetrogiardini

Gemini by Luca Degara e Vetrogiardini

Park, Lawn of the Villa Antica, Dock and Via alla Darsena

Suspended between your own thoughts and the beauty around …

At Orticolario 2022, in the park and in front of the lake, the art-designer Luca Degara and Vetrogiardini with the world’s first patented line of outdoor and indoor seats in structural glass.
Emotional works capable of concentrating Elegance, Amazement, Resistance and Absence of maintenance in a single product.
Designed to withstand strong stresses and the most diverse climatic conditions, they can be inserted in any context, perfectly communicating with both ancient and modern architectural settings.
Chosen from among the most iconic and representative works of art and design of the modern and contemporary Italian heritage, 3 seats by Luca Degara are exhibited in the Quirinale Gardens.

Project by
Luca Degara & Vetrogiardini
Arco (Tn)

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