Ph./Edit Anna Rapiarda

From the garden to the house, to the forest

Did this particular historical moment make us “want more contact” with nature and the natural environment? Sure!

The answer was a strong desire to escape, which took different forms: from those who found a lifeline in the garden care, to those who surrounded themselves with plants inside their house.
New or renewed habits that, with the possibility of going out, drove more and more people to spend more time in the woods, in response to that ancestral call dating back to the time when the forests welcomed and protected us at the beginning of our evolution, and were considered sacred places.

A trend that does not just involve the private life, but that influences and determines new choices also in the working life: in the world there are more and more companies that contextualize their internal environments among natural elements or that, vice versa, bring them outside.

Health baths

A walk in a wood is good for you, everyone knows and has always known it, not “just” for a breath of fresh air, but for much more, for a reason studied and confirmed by science.

Forests emit substances, from plants and from the soil, which are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and beneficial on a psychological and cognitive level. Entering a wood is like immersing yourself in a bath of essential oils, a real natural aromatherapy with direct and measurable effects.

The concentration of substances effused by the forest depends on the tree species (conifers, for example, are more effective, while beeches and holm oaks produce more), on the season (better the warm semester) and on the hours of the day (peaks are found in the early morning and early afternoon).

Where shall we go? Our first proposal is a truly unique place, where the moment of incredible flowering is approaching: watch it in the video “Mal d’Intelvi” with the landscape architect Vittorio Peretto, to discover the new live event with him (only in Italian version) and how you can generate your positive impact on the environment with Elmec Solar.

Reading tips for those who want to deepen these beneficial practices, scientific research and preventive and therapeutic effects: “Terapia Forestale” (Forest therapy) by Francesco Meneguzzo and Federica Zabini (Cnr Edizioni, 2020)

Elmec Solar and an exchange of gifts

The gifts that man receives from nature are therapeutic: from inhalations of organic components that have a medical effect on the body and psyche, treating anxiety and the respiratory system, to the physical contact with elements of the forest, to the chromaticisms causing relaxation and distension.

This is why the protection of the environment, of the woods and of the green areas, together with policies that promote more active lifestyles, could be the turning point for improving people’s health and well-being.

Rethinking the way of producing and consuming energy, reducing CO2 emissions, is one of the actions that return the favour, which man can choose to take to reciprocate nature.
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