In the Garden. Current Installations and Gardens

International contest’s gardens and installations “Creative Spaces” 2016. Finalists are revealing their projects, which will be realised during Orticolario’s eighth edition, in Villa Erba’s Garden.

They will compete for “La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” award (“Como Lake’s Golden Leaf”) and “Giuria Popolare” award (“People’s Choice” award).

> Map of Gardens and Installations in competition (.pdf)

1. “Il senso del perdersi”
“Losing the way”

Project and setup by Ginkgo Giardini . Torino

We might get lost by mistake or by choice.
It sometimes can be a new experience getting lost into nature, tasting the thrill of discovery. Our inner-self is like a snug garden: meadows of anemones where to take a break and let ourselves be carried away in the wind, anemos, metaphore of ephimeral existence.

2. Spazio Floema
“Vedere con le orecchie, ascoltare con gli occhi”
“To see with ears, to hear with eyes”

Project by Studio Enzo . Gifu (Japan)

Zen philosophy believes that you could commune with nature through Sixth sense.
If you walk on a wooden walkway among plants, a fountain and a brazier (purification symbols), you can come across a pentagonal platform. It is the place to meditate and let Sixth sense commune with nature, seeing with ears and hearing with eyes.

3. Spazio AM Casali
“Inside Nature”

Project and setup by P’ARCNOUVEAU . Milano

Contemporary times recall us to a more intimate relationship with nature. The Installation embraces  visitors with a tridimensional landscape, a full-immersive experience. Surrounded by an organic form, we can rediscover how to observe. The Installation is structured as an overlapping sequence of vegetable horizons: an homage to Como Lake natural landscape.

4. “Giardini Interiori”
“Inner gardens”

Project and setup by Studio Zero.  Como

A path into our inner world, made of sequences of rooms where reside secret gardens of our soul. While descending into our inner self, these rooms become more and more intimate and primal, awakening our Sixth sense. It will guide us to a deeper perception of the world, nature and humanity.

5. “Pioggia”

Project and setup by Giardini Benatti, Cusano Milanino (MI)

Rain has a vague taste of tenderness (…)
and resonates the resting landscape’s soul “
(Garcia Lorca).
A temple where mankind and nature are reflected on the same water.
An homage to Luchino Visconti and his filmmaking: rain falls through film’s frames.

6. “Il nastro arancio. Al di qua e al di là”
“… On both sides of the orange ribbon”

Project ad setup by Lorenza Figari. Celle Ligure (Sv)

Through the orange wall backlit plants can be glimpsed, intuitions of another reality. “Garden episodes” alternate on both sides on the ribbon, coloured in purple, colour of intuition.

7. “Disconnet to Reconnect”

Project and setup by Verde Passione. Vedano al Lambro (MB)

With its piece “Disconnect to Reconnect”, Verde Passione presents an interpretation of Sixth Sense as the more intimate aspect of ourselves, where most sincere feelings reside. In order to find this place, we must “disconnect” at first from a virtual and chaotic world and, then, find a natural and peaceful haven where “reconnect” to ourselves.

8. “Mutazioni”

Project and setup by Heidi Bedenknecht-De Felice . Como
FB: Heidi Bedenknecht-De Felice

Environmental damages have had a considerable effect on natural balance: into plants kingdom, events often leading to cellular alterations result in a bizarre mutation of the original form. “Mutations” wants us to listen to our Sixth Sense, meditating on the effects human behaviour has on nature and himself.

Soon further details: Sneak peek of Projects, Firms and Experts.