Best wishes from the woods, among puppets and ancients legends

Best wishes with the video “L’albero maestro” (The Mast)

Enter the woods and listen …
among small creatures and sylvan rites, puppets and dreamy trees tell legends from remote times.

Continue on The Origin and find the sheet: if you open it, you will watch the video.

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“L’Albero Maestro” is a project

It is aimed at children, who were unable to attend the Orticolario workshops this year.
To receive info and details on the lab and activities during the whole year, please write to
In other modes, the project is designed also for schools.

The contributions allow Orticolario to…

promote the culture of the landscape, enhancing the territory
support projects with a social purpose of associations operating in the area
For this reason the “Amici di Orticolario” Fund< has been established: to collect all the donations for the development of projects.
The puppet show, along with other workshops, is also among the activities that support the Fund.
Donations are subject to tax breaks.