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Taiko “Dinner Show” (Sold out)

Reservations are full. Thank you all. Please book the places still available in the other experiences

Taiko “Dinner Show”
Thursday 29 September, 8.00 pm
Villa Erba, Lake Como

Aperitif in the Park transformed into an immense blue lantern

in homage to yōkai “Aoandon” of the Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, an ancient Japanese oral pastime based on a hundred fantastic tales.

Dinner Show in the Central Pavilion

With KyoShinDo, a group of Taiko percussionists: big drums with a powerful, majestic, primordial sound. An ancient art having its roots in shamanism and mythological tales.
Music to be listened to and to be watched, in which the gesture and the movement of the body are an integral part of the show.

with Visconti Banqueting, which celebrates food as a symbol and value, characterizing the dishes through the combination of Italian raw materials and Japanese aesthetics, together with the presence of bamboo as an ingredient and as a scenographic element.

Contribution for the evening
in favour of 5 associations in the Larian area

Starting from Euro 200.00 tax deductible
Admission from 3.00 pm on Thursdays is included

Dress code
Light blue or blue dress and/or accessory

Info & Booking
+39.031 3347503

A small gift
DoDo Boutique Como
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