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Sunday, June 23rd, 2019. “Le ortensie del Grumello”

Sunday, June 23rd 2019
at 11 a.m. and 3.p.m.
Parco del Grumello | meeting point at the greenhouse
Via per Cernobbio 11

Le ortensie del Grumello
The Grumello hydrangeas

Botanical tour of the hydrangea collection in the Grumello Park
with Eva Boasso Ormezzano, naturalist and hydrangea expert.
In cooperation with Orticolario

Availability is limited.
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Event in Italian

The Villa del Grumello Park features a rich collection of hydrangeas with the 9 species represented by over 120 valuable varieties, which make it one of the most interesting parks in Italy for the lovers of this wonderful flowering plant.
The numerous varieties of hydrangeas, many of which acquired by Orticolario, were placed in the Park under the supervision of the botanist and landscape architect Emilio Trabella and the expert contribution of Eva Boasso and Saskia Pellion, looking for the ideal environmental and exposure conditions so as to facilitate their adaptation and development.
The collection is constantly enriched and thus widespread in the Historical Botanical Park to embellish the various paths and the suggestive panoramic views of Lake Como.