Spazio Brunate Calzaturificio “Il cammino del Sole che sorge”

The concept

Like life, the path in the Karesansui is not linear. Off the main road, other paths reveal new elements, such as the tsukubai, a stone basin with water representing the essence of being. Among the botanical choices … Crataegus, which for the Romans were guardians against negative energies, Taxus baccata, Ilex aquifolium and Nandina domestica, to demonstrate the feasibility of Japanese gardens in Italy, and Symphoricarpos x chenaultii, with red berries tinged with white, reminding us of the colours of Japan.

Design by
Francesca Meddi . Vedano al Lambro (Mb) .

Main Sponsor
Brunate Calzaturificio . Lomazzo (Co) . .
Great Building . Roma (Rm) .


Set up by
Emanuele Senesi . Missaglia (Lc) .

Plants and lights by
Società Agricola Brianza Vivai . Agrate Brianza (Mb) .

Stone chippings by
Impresa Foti . Bulgarograsso (Co) .

The interview