Space Sab Green “Tornare alla sorgente” (Back to the source)

Orticolario 2023. International Competition “Creative Spaces” . Space n°3 . Project by Gaia Gennati

The concept

Surrounding oneself with raised pools, slender rushes, water lilies in flowery marshes, become a conscious part of the regeneration process carried out by aquatic vegetation. A natural filter symbolized by mosaic tiles with the notation of absorbed elements, to be found on the bottom in an exchange of reflections. A space that takes shape starting from the fountain designed by Carlo Scarpa at the Querini Stampalia: a play of water that has reverberated in the garden of the Venetian palace for 60 years

Project and set up 
Gaia Gennati . Cantù (Co) . IG: @gaia.gennati

Main Sponsor
Sab Green . Cermenate (Como) .

Companies that contribute to the realization of the project

Sab Green . Cermenate (Como) .

Stone materials
Fornace Fusari . Mariano Comense (Como) .

Stefano Comensoli | Nicolò Colciago . Garbagnate Milanese (Mi) .

Artistic and cultural events
Luminanda. Lomazzo (Como)

The interview