Space Michieli Floricoltura “Swamp Synthesis”

Orticolario 2023. International Competition “Creative Spaces” . Space n°1 . Project by Roberta Filippini and Benedetta Scarella

The concept

Swamp synthesis is the contemporary swamp. An installation in which aquatic plants populate a green water basin and Tillandsia usneoides descend from the trees. Wood’s lights change the scenery during the day, configuring a new landscape between the blue vegetation and the fluorescent waters. A walkway crosses the body of water to offer an immersive experience in which you can closely observe the blooms and different plant species 

Project and set up
Roberta Studio _ Arch. Roberta Filippini . Milano .
Studio CB _ Arch. Benedetta Scarella . Milano

Main Sponsor
Michieli Floricoltura  . Vescovana (Pd) . .

Companies that contribute to the realization of the project

Michieli Floricoltura  . Vescovana (Pd) . .

Michieli Floricoltura  . Vescovana (Pd) . .
Arborea Farm  . Sala d’Istrana (Tv) .

Lighting project
FLUX CS  . Milano .

Platek. Rodengo Saiano(Bs).

Plantform and furniture
Cottod’Este. Sassuolo (Mo).

The interview