Space “L’acqua che non c’è: il giardino sostenibile” (The water that is not there: the sustainable garden)

Orticolario 2023. International Competition “Creative Spaces” . Space n°6 . Project by Katarzyna Pieniawska

The concept

t is the manifesto of a garden in times of climate change. The key elements are a dry stone wall, a World Heritage Site since 2018, and a selection of plants typical of the Como area that don’t need so much water to express their beauty. The circular shape evokes the urgency to change the development model, in favour of an inclusive economy and society model, which relies on the care and recycling of existing materials for as long as possible.

Project and set up
Katarzyna Pieniawska . Como (Co) .
Miledù . Como (Co) .

Main Sponsor
Miledù . Como (Co) .

Companies that contribute to the realization of the project

Sassi e non solo. Terragnolo (Tn) .

The interview