Space Galleria Senesi Arte “L’universo sei tu” (You are the universe)

The concept

Although distant, water and life can be considered synonymous.
One cannot exist without the other.
The entire universe, this huge invisible web that we are all part of, is nothing but connections and a continuous exchange of energy.
Water, the generating element of life, is its most concrete manifestation

Project and set up
Gabriele Mundula | artist and architect

The interview

What is the last book you read? And what will be the next one?
“Lire 26.900” by Frédéric Beigbeder. The next book  will be the one closest to what I am looking for at that precise moment.

Your next trip?
I am always travelling, even if not physically

Favourite colour?
Once I would have said blue, but now I am sure it is red. I am looking for energy and warmth, and red is the colour that, more than any other, is capable of enveloping you and dragging you into the chaos of life 

What is the plant that matters most to you?
I do not have a plant that is more dear to me than another, but if I really had to choose one, I would say the rose of Jericho. It is the only able to die and to be resurrected and is the living demonstration of the power of resilience.

Where would you live?
Wherever I felt in harmony with my surroundings. And preferably in a warm climate.

What is your favourite historical era?
Even now, I do not feel tied to any particular historical era of the past. If I am here now, it is because I have to live in this era.

Can you describe in short a scene that represents “beauty and elegance” for you?
A very small spider that weaves a web between branches and, in the end, waits in the centre, moved only by the wind. The qualities of patience and imperturbability have always fascinated me.

What is a garden for you?
I would like to say normality, but it has now become a real alternative and atypical world, in stark contrast with all that the human being is now. The garden should be rediscovered and brought back to its essence.

What is the water landscape for you?
Water is life and the landscape is nothing but its greatest manifestation