Space Galleria Senesi Arte “L’universo sei tu” (You are the universe)

Orticolario 2023. International Competition “Creative Spaces” . Space n°3 . Project by Gabriele Mundula

The concept

If you look at a spider’s web in the early hours of sunshine on a summer day, it is not uncommon to come across a magical composition. This spectacle of nature is nothing more than dew deposited on the filaments of the web itself. Water and life blend delicately, demonstrating how much the whole world is characterized by an invisible balance between all living beings and this precious element. Water offers life, in it is possible to reflect and recognize oneself, to the point of merging “ourselves” with “the others”

Project and set up
Gabriele Mundula . Sirtori (Lc) . IG: @progettojenov4

Main Sponsor
Galleria Senesi Arte . Cuneo (Cn) .

The interview