Space Flora Conservation “Il battito della vita” (The Beat of Life)

Orticolario 2023. International Competition “Creative Spaces” . Space n°5 . Project by Annalisa Ferraris and Lino Zubani

The concept

The project develops on two levels, one horizontal with a long and narrow rectangular shape with perennial herbaceous plants. It starts from a set of plant species, ecological communities capable of coexisting in an ideal situation in the presence of water, then proceeding towards a condition of aridity in which the number of species decreases. The vertical level is instead made up of a line following the heartbeat, which is the projection of what is happening in the garden.

Project and set up
Annalisa Ferraris . Pavia (Pv) .
Lino Zubani . Pavia (Pv) .

Main Sponsor
Flora Conservation . Pavia (Pv) .

Companies that contribute to the realization of the project

Realization and plants
Flora Conservation . Pavia (Pv) .

Oltrevetro . Corvino San Quirico (PV) .

Gianni Gabutti illuminazione . San Martino Siccomario (Pv) .

Electrical system
QUVI impianti elettrici di Quartini Vincenzo . San Martino Siccomario (Pv) .

The interview