“Shaded Indivenire”

INDIVENIRE capsule by Laboratorio San Rocco

DehOr E | Lario Wing

Laboratorio San Rocco* is an international point of reference in the processing of terracotta and Tuscan craftsmanship.
Among their creations, always protagonists of gardens and prestigious residences, they choose to set up their DehOr space with the products of the INDIVENIRE capsule, which reinterprets the millennial art of terracotta.

Among aquatic, aerial and xerophilous plants, the shape and material of new and spectacular artefacts decorated with shades of colour cross time, thus becoming a fundamental part of a project that is constantly INDIVENIRE (in progress).

Project by
Laboratorio San Rocco
Torrita di Siena (Si)

*exhibitor: details space no. and position on Catalogue 2023