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Sensitive Nature and forest of future books

Natura sensitiva e la foresta dei libri futuri

The Norway is the reign of Northern lights, of Svalbard and Svalbard Global Vault Seed (read more about it in Natura sensitiva e i semi millenari), the reign of Vikings, of the northern great ice and snow.
There, sunlight reverberates differently. The line of horizon deseappers, soil and sky become one. Wide forests grow as far as the eye can see.

There, at Nordmarka, at north of Oslo, you can find the newborn Future Library forest, a project of Scottish artist Katie Paterson.
Forward – looking publishing project: 100 books, one a year, written by great authors. Those texts will remain unpublished till 2114, year of last book writing. Then, books will become a reality and they will be printed with the material, the paper, coming from the Nordmarka Forest.

Manuscripts by Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell, Sjón and Elif Şhafak, the existing texts, will be in shown in a place under construction, called “Silent Room”, inside the future New Deichman Library, that would be finished in 2019/2020, in Oslo. It is designed by architect Lund Hagem in collaboration with Atelier Oslo.

Well, the manuscript of the year is disclosed during a spring ceremony inside the forest where the author reads some parts of it, delivering it to the “waiting”, to the future.

Anyway, we can know nothing more about those stories. We only hope our centennial sons or nephews will be still interested in reading them.

Otherwise, the voice of those texts will fall down into the silence, gently.