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03Ph. by Anna Rapisarda

by Mario Mariani | Central Park
Botanist of “The Company of Thinkers”
Galliate (No)

The water is extraterrestrial, it seems to have come from comets a few billion years ago.
But the universe has no limits, it is practically all extraterrestrial.

Planets are continually discovered in the so-called habitable zone, even super-habitable, where one of the parameters for having the spark of life based on carbon is, in fact, liquid water. We come from there, from liquid water.

In the primordial oceans, the first division took place: life.
The miracle continues, a ‘Water cycle’ is activated that someone vaguely remembers having studied in elementary school. It is the usual: Sun that evaporates, plants that evaporate/transpire, clouds that form, rain that falls, rivers, seas, 

Usual, exactly as usual..
The ‘used’ water is always on Earth, it does not disappear and does not go to another planet. It is a practically closed circuit. Do we remember?
Often, ever more, we pollute it, but here it remains.
Climate changes, the amount of water on Earth does not.

The currents moving the clouds change, sometimes they pile them up so much as to create storms, sometimes they move them due to an unusual drought.

Who knows when states and governments will make it mandatory to water plants…
Because plants are part of the Cycle much more than us and they don’t pollute it.