“Scintille di fiaba” by Ilaria Marelli for Steeles

"Scintille di fiaba" by Ilaria Marelli for Steeles
DehOr F, Lario Wing

“Scintille di fiaba”

“Sparks of fairy tale”

Through a trompe-l’oeil game you will be transported to a minimal and sophisticated outdoor.
The founder and protagonist of the convivial space is the new BRIDGE bench-brazier produced by Steeles. A piece of furniture in which the fire element is metaphorically represented by “flaming” suspended words.
A nature with stylized shapes appropriates the niches and the context, designing a refined entrance to contemporary architecture.

Project by
Ilaria Marelli for Steeles
ilariamarelli.com | @ilariamarellidesign

Furnishings by
Steeles by Incoservice
Cucciago (Co)

Plants by
Carimate (Co)

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