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Scenography by Rattiflora 2017

Scenography Rattiflora 2017

A preview of the scenography by Rattiflora in the main room in Villa Antica

“In punta di fucsie”

(On fuchsia tiptoe)

Villa Antica, entrance and main room

“Lady’s Eardrops, Fuchsia Angel Earrings, Earring Flower, Hardy Fuchsia, as a dancer with a shining tutu, with so many legs”

Here they are the dancers in their flowering skirts, the same dancers who welcome us in the Villa and make us waltz.
Wheeling round in their skirts, they bring us right here in the dance hall. As by magic, everything is starting to hover to the sky,  trying to touch it with its fingers in a elated corollas-on-tiptoe ballet

“Visconti entrance” and “Lago entrance” scenography are designed by Rattiflora.

Casnate con Bernate (Co)

With lights by
Rodengo Saiano (Bs)

With the lightening project by
Ministudio | Architetto Michela Viola . Lighting Designer
Travacò Siccomario (Pv)
FB: Michela Viola