Roberto Ducoli

Roberto Ducoli, gardener. Il papavero blu
designs “Metamorfosi” nello Spazio Green Service
Green Service . Vaprio D’adda (Mi) . FB: Green Service di Spinelli Daniele

The Interview

What is the latest book have you red? What will be the next?
Alle origini della bellezza” by Stefano Chiappalone
The next: “The hidden life of trees” by Peter Wohlleben

Where will your next travel destination be?
I have not decided yet

What is your favourite colour?

What is the plant you prefer?
Tilia Tree

Where would you live?
In Trentino Alto Adige

What is your favourite historical era?
As something that I deeply don’t know, I do the best to built my story

In a few words, could you describe a scene portraying  “beauty and elegance”?
It is impossible to enclose what I daily see in a unique scene 

Over the centuries the Moon has represented different symbols and has charmed lot cultures for  its various characteristics. What is the one fascinates you more?
Among its several characteristics, the more charming one is taking pictures of the Moon at its best

What is a garden for you?
Love, care and passion you feel from seeding to harvest