Archive 2016

Resting Area in the Garden

Un'Oasi di sosta a Orticolario 2016

In the Garden, visitors could rest in the shadow of a beautiful Gingko biloba tree, facing the Lake Como, while sitting on famous seats Adirondack Chairs, handcrafted thrones made of recovered wood. In this environment, visitors can also take a look to the first-time public exhibition of the pomegranate collection (Punica granatum), plants that give in autumn extraordinary fruits with “magical” properties, nurtured by Mauro di Sorte (Vivaio Giardino Tara.

With Adirondack Chairs by
Eltisler Falegnameria di Alessandro Stevanin
Bassano del Grappa (Vi)
FB: Eltisler Falegnameria

With the collection of Punica granatum nurtured by
Vivaio Giardino Tara
Bolsena (Vt)

Staging directed by
Anna Flower Designer
Cassano Magnago (Va)