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Restaurants and Food courts 2019

Restaurant and food court 2019. Ph. Luigi Fieni

Ph. Luigi Fieni

The wide selection of restaurants, food courts and coffee-shops in the Park and in the Wings of the exhibition center. They are all indicated on the Map given to the visitors.
From the street food to the most comfortable lunch, from the snack to the most particular aperitif.

Chissenefood Bistrot*** New 2019


Lario Wing, Serra Lario and in the Park
From an idea of Maurizio Rosazza Prin, finalist of the 2nd edition of Masterchef Italy, in collaboration with Alida Gotta, finalist of the 5th edition: a bistro dedicated to fusion cuisine, with green sounds and lots of aromatic herbs. In the space Serra Lario, you will have the chance to taste some gourmet bbq dishes and the ideas of the two chefs, accompanied by special drinks.





A mobile catering station in the midst of trees, where you can sip Spritz Aperol or taste the “Apatatas”, delicious homemade French fries with Maldon salt.

Colverde (Co)


Park, Piazza del Grande Prato
Born from the idea of the star chef Mariangela Susigan, “Ortofritto” is a delicious street food with ingredients deriving from the Piedmontese mixed fried foods.
A cornet of sweet and crispy vegetables, fried instantly. In addition, the proposal for a “playful” Pic-Nic.

Ristorante Gardenia
Caluso (To)


“Aperegina” is a nice vintage style Ape Piaggio with a colorful wood-fired oven. On board you can find all the necessary ingredients to prepare the best pizza according to the Neapolitan tradition.
And the chef? If you want, the chef is you! With our help you can roll out the dough, garnish the pizza and help us bake it in the wood-fired oven.

Laglio (Co)

Il Gusto di Toscana Fair***

Cernobbio Wing, Cernobbio greenhouse and in the Park
“Toscana Fair” is a farmhouse restaurant in the heart of a nursery … The “Mati 1909” nursery in Pistoia.
“Toscana Fair” will bring “Il Gusto di Toscana Fair” to Orticolario: the old-time authentic flavors with vegetables from organic and biodynamic farming of the Mati vegetable gardens. Inside the space, “Toscana Fair” signed products are on display and on sale.

Toscana Fair . Mati 1909

Café Restaurant Touché**

Terrazza Villa Antica and Darsena
On the terrace of the Villa Antica with elegant design furnishings and in the Darsena with the “Priveé” tents where you can sit down and sip an aperitif, for a lunch or a snack in front of the lake.
An exclusive break in which Italian and French taste infect each other.

Incomincia per c

Furnishings and curtains by
Milano . Roma . Torino . Viterbo . Paris . Cannes

In collaboration with
Scuola Oliver Twist di Cometa Formazione

Ristorante Villa Antica*

Enjoy a relaxing and refined lunch break inside the Villa, the summer residence of the director Luchino Visconti.
And then … The exclusive dinner on Saturday evening

Ristorante Tarantola
Appiano Gentile (Co)

In collaboration with
Scuola Oliver Twist di Cometa Formazione

Enaip Lombardia . Como section


In a greenhouse. Sandwiches, hospitality and country flavors.

Capiago Intimiano (Co)

Bistrot Laghetto delle carpe**

A stone’s throw from Laghetto delle carpe
A moment of relaxation with Italian dishes, next to the magical Laghetto delle carpe.
Pay attention: this year the entrance to Bistrot from
the Lario Wing.

Amici Comunità Cenacolo

Gazebo a Lago**

Located in one of the most striking locations of the Park, in front of the lake, it offers a selection of tasty sandwiches for a quick lunch.

Ristorante Tarantola
Appiano Gentile (Co)

In collaboration with
Enaip Lombardia . Como section

Bassano del Grappa (Vi)

The Bars in Cernobbio Wing and Lario Wing*

Two bars open throughout the day, located on opposite sides of the Central Pavilion, to satisfy everylittle and fleeting pleasure: a quick meal, a snack, a dessert, a coffee.

Ristorante Tarantola
Appiano Gentile (Co)

In collaboration with
Enaip Lombardia . Como section

Ice creams and fruit and vegetable extracts

Park, Via alla Dearsena
Craft-trade ice creams, produced without colorants, preservatives and industrial products, naturally gluten-free.
Inspired by protagonists of the 2019 edition, small fruits, Gelateria Guidi has created the Orticolario taste

Gelateria Guidi**
FB: Gelateria Guidi

Lario Wing
Ice creams with particular, organic and exclusive flavours such as: strawberry grapes, white gooseberries with an intense and decisive fragrance, raspberry with orange and organic Pinot, currants with nettles, wild berries with lime and apple, smoothies and shakes.

Gelateria Rossetti*
Lora (Co) . Como


* Indoors and outdoors
** Outdoors
*** Indoors