In the wind of late summer … a walk among the maples

A video on the unique beauty of the maple, on the move in Paolo Zacchera’s “Compagnia del Lago Maggiore” nursery.

Among legends, landscapes and Japanese maples “soft as stone”…

Continue in The Origin to find the sheet: if you open it, you can watch the video. You can discover also the nearby exhibitors.
After visiting the sheet, through the navigation menu and under RICERCA (search), type Compagnia del Lago Maggiore: you will be transported directly to the sheet and learn about the plants that they grow and offer in addition to maples.
If, on the other hand, you’d rather take a walk in the park, stroll towards the lake and open the sheet in the Gazebo Parco area.

Paolo Zacchera | Compagnia del Lago Maggiore

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