Rare and unusual plants with Oasi Tropicale in Valcuvia

Tropical dream

…of a preparer pharmacist with a passion for the cultivation of medicinal and fruit, exotic and native plants. Specialized in rare and unusual plants…

Indoor plants

Among the proposals of the Tropical Oasis, you will also find indoor plants: from the banana to the Monstera (from the classic deliciosa to the rarer variegated ones, such as the Albo and the Thai Constellation), from the enchanting and fragrant Plumeria (or frangipani) to the beautiful Strelitzia, not to forget the very curious Adenium (or desert roses).

Continue in The Origin until you are in the sheet area and open it. You can discover also the nearby exhibitors.

Oasi Tropicale in Valcuvia
Cuveglio (Va)

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