Events 2022. Theatre with “Il dono a Samhain”

Events 2022. Theatre with “Il dono a Samhain”

Saturday October 1st,
from 5.30 pm

Side staircase of the Villa Antica
In case of bad weather the event will take place on the Lions’ Staircase and in the Central Hall of the Villa Antica

“Il dono a Samhain”

“The gift to Samhain”

with TeatroGruppo Popolare

Celtic atmosphere, between ancient traditions and legends, in a show that symbolically stages the ancient festival of Samhain and the story of the Selkies, magical sea creatures from Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Iceland.
Summer offers gifts to winter, so that there is nourishment and support during the cold season: the fire warms the houses, the apples are sustenance for the body, the story is meant for the heart.

The legendary creatures of the Selkies are the daughters and sons of the cold waters of the north and the Atlantic Ocean. Subject of the spell of a sea witch, they swim with the appearance of seals to the beach, where they remove their precious and soft brown skin and place it at the foot of the rocks, transforming themselves into beautiful girls and boys. Their voices mingle with the sweet song of the surf, as they dance together on the beaches, under the pale rays of the sun or the moon, protected among the rocks lashed by the waves.
Never steal their skin. They will no longer be able to swim free in their element again.

Free event
Duration: 30′
It is necessary to comply with the current regulations on Covid 19 safety and prevention

Oro di Scozia

Project by
TeatroGruppo Popolare

Olga Bini