Programme 2017 . Among the events: “Night Nature”

At Orticolario 2017. "Night Nature" with Judith Baehner

Saturday 30th Septembre, 10.00
Cernobbio Wing, Spazio Gardenia

Night Nature

with Judith Baehner, writer

In english with simultaneous italian translation by Gabriele Cantaluppi, agro-technical and gardener

What do plants do while we are asleep? Are they sleeping or are the surviving? Some of them will flower and seduce insects and birds to survive, some of them will doing serious math to get through the night. With Judith Baehner, for a journey into dark and the world of plants at night. 

Judith Baehner designs extraordinary green experiences. She is a freelance editor and stylist at her company Het Groenlab and shares her passion for green on her website, in books, magazines, workshops and lectures. In the past 5 years she wrote books about food and plants. In April 2015 the book Het Plantenlab (The Plantlab) was published and just now the book Wonderplants was launched in Dutch and English.
During the writing of the book Het Plantenlab, to get her friends and other people more into green and plants, she started to make the mini-ecosystems in bottles again for those who do not have green thumbs. The love for these bottles grew and she even developed her own hand forged tools for making the bottles with the Dutch company Sneeboer. Now Judith gives workshops and talks about bottle gardening to inspire others to make them.

Judith Baehner