Programme 2017. Among events: “Arborella”

Orticolario 2017. "Arborella" con stefano Prina

Stefano Prina. Ph. Diego Grondona


During the three days
In the park, Prato dei due Platani e mezzo

The tree which became a fish

Lario, fisherman on alert: the bleak fishes are disappeared!
Who better to Stefano Prina, with his art, can shut all problems of pinny  inhabitants of lakes, seas, rivers and oceans?

No one!

So, during Orticolario, with a chainsaw in one hand, the artist will cave a huge beak fish, an “arborella”, from a cutted, unabated, plane tree

With its 6-metres high, the huge sculpture becomes a symbol, safeguarding the nature, from the soil to the water, from a tree to a fish.

Stefano Prina