“Profumo di legno”

In Cernobbio Wing

Environmental protection and love for nature are Riva 1920’s main principles.

For Orticolario 2017  its setup is based especially on the celebration of nature by a showcase of pieces made in perfumed cedar hardwood and in Briccola wood which is recovered from pales of Venice Lagoon and by a majestic and spectacular table poplar brier-root.

A sensory itinerary, scent of wood, can satisfy your sense of smell, an itinerary among sinuous shapes can satisfy your sight and your touch. Those ones,unreleased, are never seen before. They are designed by the inspiration of architects such as Mario Bellini, Michele De Lucchi, Terry Dwan, Baldessari e Baldessari who have been able to imprint on wood their hallmark.

An advanced wood where trunks have mutated theirs shapes, but they left unchanged peculiarities of wood with its circles, its nodes, its colours, its scents.

Riva 1920
Cantù (Co)

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