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Juries, evaluations and awards | 2022 edition


Exhibition spaces will be judged by two Committees:
Technical Committee will judge variety as well as the rarity of arboreal specimens of the collection, attention to research and detail, etc.
Aesthetic Committee will judge staging of spaces, as well as lighting solutions, awarding the best set-up.

The top three awarded by each Committee will be highlighted on next-year event Catalogue, recognisable by the “Excellency” label.
It is recommended a correct labelling of each arboreal sample, as well as a harmonic staging as a whole.

Awards and prizes

It is conceived and realised by Green Design | Vaprio Zanoni |
Raku ceramic works

Technical Committee (regards only nursery farmers)

Coordinator Alberto Grossi, Plantsman
Participants: Gianfranco Giustina, Former curator of the Gardens of the Borromean Islands, Gaetano Zoccali, Journalist, Andrea Tantardini, Agronomist, Jean-Luc Pasquier, Journalist, Reto Eisenhut, vivaista, Massimiliano Marzorati, Agronomist, Gabriele Cantaluppi, Agronomist. 

“Collection Award”
for the most impressive collection
To Azienda Agricola D’Aleo for the large collection of the passion flower genus, species and hybrids of their own production, well displayed and labelled, presented with passion and competence.
Mention to Gli Ellebori di Althea Vivai for the good assortment of colours and shapes, of species and above all of hybrids.
Mention to Le Essenze di Lea for the Phlomis proposal, a plant suitable for sustainable water-saving gardens.

“Super specimen Award”
to the plant representing a uniqueness in terms of shapes, sizes, colours and/or perfume
To A&G Floroortoagricola for Agave geminiflora – for the size and spectacular nature of the specimen.

“Rarity Award”
for the best plant, because new or rare
To Rifnik Garden & Plants for Cunninghamia lanceolata – a particular cv with a compact shape and glaucous needles.
Mention to Daniele Righetti for Sarracenia leucophylla and Sarracenia leucophylla var. Alba – for the dedication and research of a large, white-coloured plant.
Mention to Braun Pia for Gordlinia grandiflora – an unusual shrub with a fragrant autumn flowering.

Aesthetic Committee

Coordinator Corrado Tagliabue, Architect
Participants: Roberta Peverelli, Order of Architects, Nicoletta Castellaneta, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli Como, Anna Zegna, Manager of the Zegna Oasis, Monica Ranzi, Writer, Enrico Mailli, Horticulturalist and Gardener at Zen Garden, Roberto Ballabio, Istituto San Vincenzo, Lisa White, WGSN creative director lifestyle & interiors.

“Best set-up Award”
for the best set-up (garden or presentation of products in the context of a “structured” set-up)
to Il Giardino, extremely organic and well integrated into the context. Wise balance of volumes, colour and foliar combinations for a warm and reassuring fairy-tale ensemble.
Mention to Chianti Shine for the refined presentation with a balanced use of different product categories and chromatic harmony with the recovery of ancient fabrics and objects.
Mention to Azienda Agricola La Siepe for the falsely casual ensemble that finds harmony in an organized chaos enhanced by botanical choices and magical lighting for a playful and dreamy effect.

“Best products set-up Award”
for the best non-nursery farmer exhibition space (a simple but effective and harmonious arrangement of the products displayed for sale)
to Anna Flower Designer for the grace, innovation and originality underlining the emphasis of seasonal colours. Great attention to detail and overall vision.
Mention to Opera in Fiore, Borseggi for commitment, social value, choice of materials and patterns and attention to detail.
Mention to Agape for resilience, perseverance and care in protecting and preserving the original and attractive biodiversity in the presentation of the product.

“Best plants set-up Award”
for the best nursery farmer exhibiting space
to Aromatiche Clagia for research, passion, originality and creativity in presentation, empathy and sensory involvement.
Mention to Gli Ellebori di Althea Vivai for the great attention to experimentation and detail, to visual communication and dissemination.
Mention to Maioli Enzo Azienda Agricola for praising historical memory in the recovery of plant species, conservation and custody of the rural heritage and biodiversity.

The Aesthetic Committee mentions:
“Camera della Masca” by Marco Bellini for craftsmanship,
“La Principessa Chiaro-di-Luna” by Alessandra Bray for circularity.
“Scintille di Fiaba” by Ilaria Marelli for technology and design

Creative Spaces

Creations will be judged by Creative Spaces Committee:
The selection process is based on following criteria and more: correspondence between the presented project and its realization, quality of creation and design, balance between shapes and volumes, lights and colours, communication skills/empathy, innovative materials, “genius loci”, design idea, eco-sustainability, consistency with the theme, historical and artistic references, …

Awards and prizes

“La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award
to the best exhibit
Won by “Alla ricerca di sé stessi” (4) . Project by Arianna Tomatis . Mondovì (Cn)
The Committee appreciated the consistency with the theme proposed this year, the fairy tale, and the use of bamboo as the main essence.
The theme is addressed in a poetic way, through the involvement of the 5 senses, where music is complementary, not only from an artistic point of view, but also on a scientific level.
The idea is strong and simple, with particular attention to eco-sustainability.

It is conceived and realised exclusively for Orticolario by Gino Seguso of Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso. | |
The prize is a curvaceous vase blown on Murano island (Venice) in which floats a golden leaf decorated with gold 24k.
The winner is awarded with the prize that will be placed at show in Villa Carlotta on Lake Como after few month, until Orticolario’s next edition.

The others awards and prizes

“Art Award” and “Journalists’ Award”sis conceived and realised by Green Design | Vaprio Zanoni |
Raku ceramic works and stabilized lichens

“Art Award”
for a space in which the balance between art and nature coexists, where different languages find effective synthesis. Evaluation carried out by the artists of the edition
Won by “Capitolo 7” (1) . Project by Mario Mariani and Matteo Boccardo. Galliate (No)
They stage this year’s theme, involving the viewer and inserting themselves into the context.

“Journalists’ Award”
for a space expressing itself and moving us like a story, set in the wake of eco-sustainability also thanks to the use of innovative materials. Awarded by the accredited press
Won by “La meraviglia del non sapere” (3) . Project by Ilaria Menici for Mema Giardini. Pistoia (Pt)

Visitors’ Committee
“Visitors’ choice Award”
for the Creative Spaces more voted by Orticolario visitors
Won by “La meraviglia del non sapere” (3) . Project by Ilaria Menici for Mema Giardini. Pistoia (Pt)

Special awards and prizes

The President Award
Won by “Infantia Mors Fabula” by Mirko Quaglietta & il papavero blu
For interpreting the essence and formative value of the fairy tale, the theme of the 2022 edition, arousing emotions and adding magic to the Park’s atmosphere, through materials recovered from nature.

Special mention by the President
to “EspEmo” by Tiziano Pedrazzoli | tiEVENT
For enhancing a pre-existence of the Park, keeping to the theme of the edition dedicated to the Fairy Tale. The vegetable gallery is completed and made significant by a wise use of technique and manual art, resulting in the construction of a dreamlike and fairy-tale entrance.
With the artistic / exhibition collaboration of Sara El Kachtaoui.

“Gardenia Award”
to the “memorable” nursery, exhibitor or installation of the Orticolario edition. Evaluation carried out by the head editor of the magazine “Gardenia”
Won by Benatti & Co
For the originality of the proposal for an outdoor room, designed in collaboration with three other exhibitors: the passion flowers by D’Aleo, aromatic plants by Clagia, the antique furnishings of Ludovico Grasso and the realization by Btree Giardini by Fabio Bonanomi. The award goes to the ability to network and inspire, suggesting how to use and combine the plants and furnishings for sale.

“Villa d’Este Award”
where style and elegance combine in a timeless tradition.
Davide Bertilaccio, CEO Villa d’Este
Won by “La meraviglia del non sapere” (3) . Project by Ilaria Menici for Mema Giardini. Pistoia (Pt)
As with the installation “La meraviglia del non sapere”, the guests entering Villa d’Este are immersed in a fairy tale. Once through the gate, they leave the “normal” world behind them and enter a dream place where elegance, tradition, style and uniqueness can be breathed.

“Villa Carlotta Award”
to promote art in the garden, where nature and human ingenuity may harmoniously coexist. Giuseppe Elias, President of Villa Carlotta
Won by “Capitolo 7” (1) . Project by Mario Mariani and Matteo Boccardo. Galliate (No)
It is awarded because it recalls the Valle delle Felci created by Duke Giorgio II, Carlotta’s husband, with the aim of surprising his guests and the numerous visitors of the Villa Carlotta Park.

“Great Italian Gardens Award”
for a space that, in the design and implementation, is able to interpret the destination of a garden opening to the public also through accessible seating and places for reflection, with botanical collections and blooms. Judith Wade, Founder of Grandi Giardini Italiani
Won by “La meraviglia del non sapere” (3) . Project by Ilaria Menici for Mema Giardini. Pistoia (Pt)

“AIAPP Matilde Marazzi Award”
for an innovative space and contextually consistent with the themes of Simplicity, Beauty, Sustainability, which are fundamental qualities in landscape design, from the garden to the park, the city and beyond.
Won by “La meraviglia del non sapere” (3) . Project by Ilaria Menici for Mema Giardini. Pistoia (Pt)
The relationship between artifice and nature was much appreciated because it made the garden immersive and consistent with the theme. Well done also for the careful choice of botanical species.

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