Committees and evaluation process


Exhibition spaces will be judged by two Committees:
Technical Committee will judge variety as well as the rarity of arboreal specimens of the collection, attention to research and detail, etc.
Aesthetic Committee will judge staging of spaces, as well as lighting solutions, awarding the best set-up.

The top three awarded by each Committee will be highlighted on next-year event Catalogue, recognisable by the “Excellency” label.
It is recommended a correct labelling of each arboreal sample, as well as a harmonic staging as a whole.

Awards and prizes

It is conceived and realised by Green Design | Vaprio Zanoni | greendesignsc.it
Raku ceramic works

Technical Committee (regards only nursery farmers)

“Collection Award”
for the most impressive collection

“Super specimen Award”
to the plant representing a uniqueness in terms of shapes, sizes, colours and/or perfume

“Rarity Award”
for the best plant, because new or rare

Aesthetic Committee

“Best set-up Award”
for the best set-up (garden or presentation of products in the context of a “structured” set-up)

“Best products set-up Award”
for the best non-nursery farmer exhibition space (a simple but effective and harmonious arrangement of the products displayed for sale)

“Best plants set-up Award”
for the best nursery farmer exhibiting space

Creative Spaces

Creations will be judged by Creative Spaces Committee:
The selection process is based on following criteria and more: correspondence between the presented project and its realization, quality of creation and design, balance between shapes and volumes, lights and colours, communication skills/empathy, innovative materials, “genius loci”, design idea, eco-sustainability, consistency with the theme, historical and artistic references, …

Awards and prizes

“La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award
to the best exhibit

It is conceived and realised exclusively for Orticolario by Gino Seguso of Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso. | aseguso.com |
The prize is a curvaceous vase blown on Murano island (Venice) in which floats a golden leaf decorated with gold 24k.
The winner is awarded with the prize that will be placed at show in Villa Carlotta on Lake Como after few month, until Orticolario’s next edition.

The others awards and prizes

“Art Award” and “Journalists’ Award”sis conceived and realised by Green Design | Vaprio Zanoni | greendesignsc.it
Raku ceramic works and stabilized lichens

“Art Award”
for a space in which the balance between art and nature coexists, where different languages find effective synthesis. Evaluation carried out by the artists of the edition

“Journalists’ Award”
for a space expressing itself and moving us like a story, set in the wake of eco-sustainability also thanks to the use of innovative materials. Awarded by the accredited press

“Great Italian Gardens Award”
for a space that, in the design and implementation, is able to interpret the destination of a garden opening to the public also through accessible seating and places for reflection, with botanical collections and blooms

“Villa d’Este Award”
where style and elegance combine in a timeless tradition

“Villa Carlotta Award”
to promote art in the garden, where nature and human ingenuity may harmoniously coexist

“AIAPP Matilde Marazzi Award”
for an innovative space and contextually consistent with the themes of Simplicity, Beauty, Sustainability, which are fundamental qualities in landscape design, from the garden to the park, the city and beyond.

Visitors’ Committee
“Visitors’ choice Award”
for the Creative Spaces more voted by Orticolario visitors

Special awards and prizes

“Gardenia Award”
to the “memorable” nursery, exhibitor or installation of the Orticolario edition. Evaluation carried out by the head editor of the magazine “Gardenia”

Winners of 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions are published on “Archives”.
Winners of previous editions are online inside “Archivio edizioni” of Italian website.