Archive 2017

Photo exhibition “Contemplation of Nature” 2017

In Lario Wing, Serra Platani

Paolo Pagani signs a photo exhibition born from the desire to represent the plants world and photographer’s knack of emotion us when the nature is its subject.

He presents two photo researches developed through 34 black and white images: a visual effects makes the human figure and botanical elements interact till they fuse together first, and besides the work of the great artist and botanist Karl Blossfeld as a Pagani inspiration.

Collected in triptychs, unpublished photographs start from a totally imaginary world, arriving to become an hymn to the beauty and to the decay. Every photograph is originated by the meticulous natural elements examination, highlighting their charm and aesthetic precision.

Paolo Pagani lives and works in Milan. After their studies, he worked in advertising as art director at Saatchi & Saatchi (Milan) until 1990. In those years he reached the passion for fashion photography and portraits,constantly searching for a new creative way to photograph.
He was awarded with a lot of different awards and recognition by Italian Art Director Club for International and National advertising campaigns.
Regarding the publishing sector, he collaborated with fashion magazines as Vogue Gioiello e Vogue Pelle.
In the 2001 he exhibited at Triennale in Milano during the International event, organized by Franca Sozzani, “150 items 150 artworks” on the Kartellmuseo.
For a few years, he has started working on auteur photography, whom photos collection of  “Contemplation of Nature” are a parte of, in addition to his normal activity of fashion photographer.

Paolo Pagani