In the Park with “Otium” and “Tris” by Limperfetto

A Orticolario 2018 con "Otium" de Limperfetto

Here and there in the Park

Otium is not idling. It is rather spending time for ourselves, doing what we like, enjoying it.
Maybe in front of the lake, rocking on the reclaimed wooden Adirondack Chairs designed by Limperfetto.
And what about otium with friends, looking into each other’s eyes? In world premiere here are the Adirondacks in the “conversation version”.

Limperfetto also created the mythical Tris game, not on paper, but nothing less than … three-dimensional!

Where can you find all this? Look for Otium and Tris in the Park!

In addition to the areas dedicated to otium and play, in the Park you will also find the Limperfetto exhibition space with its furnishings and accessories.
Number and location: see the map given at the entrance.

Bassano del Grappa (Vi)