Design with “Fronde”

Gianmaria Aprile a Orticolario 2018

foliages are clusters of leaves
foliages are the breath of plants and the oxygen for man
foliages are hand printed
foliages are an unexpected feeling
(Gianmaria Aprile)

DehOr C, Cernobbio Wing


Printing the leaves of a garden to make it eternal, immortal. And when some of them come from the park of Villa Erba, playing becomes special.
Studying their botanical geometry to create forms in which even imperfections acquire a value and a meaning. To generate a unique and unequaled print.
Leaves become impalpable, light, translucent, suspended in time and space. A space punctuated by a game of scenes. A rhythm that guides, hides and surprises those who enter, observe and discover.

Project by
Gianmaria Aprile
Gorla Maggiore (Va)
FB: Gianmaria DrCapricorn