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Orticolario for children 2018

Orticolario 2018 per i bambini. Ph. Luigi Fieni

Ph. Luigi Fieni

“Even in early in childhood the charm of play is enhanced by making a ‘secret’ out of it. This is for us, not for the others. What the others do outside is no concern of ours at the moment. Inside the circle of game the laws and customs of ordinary life no longer count. We are different and do things ‘differently'”
(Homo ludens by J. Huizinga)

Orticolario 2018, children “Playing”!
Future gardeners, artists and plant hunters!
The passwords? Having fun while learning! Workshops, experiences, places and shows.

> Workshop Program (.pdf)

Only in Italian
All details, schedules and online booking – only in Italian version – (from the first days of September to October 4th at 8.00 p.m.), which allows access to the fast track for registration, thus avoiding queues.

The workshops on 5 October are entirely dedicated to schools.
The workshops on 6 and 7 October are for a limited number of participants.
Contribution: € 10,00 for all-day workshops, € 5,00 for workshops from 3.30 p.m.
Through the Orticolario Fund, specifically created to collect donations for cultural and social programs, the proceeds will help support local voluntary Associations.