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Orticolario 2019. “Phantasmagoria”

Orticolario 2019. Fantasmagoria. Ph. Lugi Fieni
Ph. by Luigi Fieni


“The earth’s geographies are inseparable from the geographies of the mind”
(Vittorio Lingiardi)

Explorers, naturalists, botanists and adventurers have sailed seas and crossed unknown lands in search of mysterious plants.
Travels, myths and legends of men and plants tell the story of explorations thanks to which new species have populated and transformed gardens and landscapes.
Discoveries that have allowed and are allowing the continuous improvement of human life through science, for which nature is a source of inspiration and guidance.
And it is from here that our journey will begin. Around the world, in the garden, through time, with our mind.

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Berries and small fruits

In autumn and winter, birds, which are great natural travellers, prefer destinations rich in delights, such as gardens with berries and small fruits.
Generous, round and fleshy, these colourful pearls to be found on bare branches or among the leaves of hedges and bushes are the secret to a phantasmagorical garden all year round.
Let us dare and venture beyond the palette of spring blooms. Let us do it!

At Orticolario 2019 three nurserymen put their pearls on display in their extraordinary collections located in the large flowerbeds of the Park: berries, apples, drupes, plants not “forced” but extraordinarily natural thanks to Vivai Veimaro, Azienda Agricola Maurizio Feletig and I Giardini e le Fronde. With the collaboration of the “San Vincenzo” Professional Institute of Agricultural Services.

The gardener has no longer to resign himself to waiting for the first majestic spring blooms announcing the awakening of Mother Nature. (…) the palette of winter plants is so generous that (…) in this season the garden can turn into a phantasmagoria of bright colours and subtle fragrances
(Cedric Pollet, “Giardini d’inverno”)

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