Orticolario 2019. Among the new nurserymen with Meriania

Tibouchina semidecandra

At Orticolario 2019 Guido Agnelli from the Meriania nursery and his collection of tropical and Mediterranean plants.
Agronomist and naturalist, he has searched for new species on his journeys in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and the Andean countries of South America.
Some of the collections come from these countries, such as Melastomataceae (Tibouchina, Meriania..),  Bignoniaceae or the tree ferns, all grown from seed or spore.
And then there are some Mediterranean species, such as brooms and Retama, as well as tropical fruits that are difficult to find, such as cocoa, Inga edulis and Melicoccus bijugatus.

The exhibition space of Meriania is in the Park (the number is indicated on the exhibitor map given at the entrance).

Vivaio Meriania
Casatenovo (Lc)