Orticolario 2019. Among the new exhibitors with Arte Antica Toscana

Arte Antica Toscana a Orticolario 2019

Arte Antica Toscana were inspired by ancient Florentine mansions and gardens to create works of art, such as panels painted with ancient Florentine techniques from the fifteenth century and sculptures and objects made of wire, always accompanied by floral decorations.

At Orticolario 2019 on the subject of “Travel”, this art studio will present a preview of the installation “100 Lanterne”: lanterns, one different from the other, symbolically illuminating the research journey that each of us undertakes; a bit like the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope who searched for the “man” living according to his most authentic nature, conforming to it so as to be happy.

The exhibition space of Arte Antica Toscana is in the Park (the number is indicated on the exhibitor map given at the entrance).

Studio artistico sperimentale Arte Antica Toscana
Intrecci in fil di ferro dal 1999
Vicchio (Fi)